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Our consolidation of world-class experts has allowed us to remain market leaders in the areas of integrated taxi and for-hire vehicle solutions and to continue to develop premier programming, payment processing and passenger information technologies for the global transportation industry.

Ron Sherman

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Jason M. Poliner

Vice Chairman and President

Kevin French

Managing Director

Mr. French has an extensive background in transportation solutions with over 30 years of experience in building and delivering taxi, black car, limo, transit, and para-transit systems including the large scale deployment of a 12,000 vehicle taxi system operated by the world’s largest privately held taxi company. Mr. French joined Gandalf in 1985 as a software designer and has held progressively more senior positions through to the level of Chief Operating Officer.


In April 2009, Mr. French was appointed to the office of President. Mr. French graduated from St. Lawrence College in 1985 with an Electronics Engineering Technologist diploma and in 2002 obtained his Executive Master of Business Administration and Master of Management (eMBA and MM) from Lansbridge University and the American Graduate School of Management.

Francine Barbe

Chief Financial Officer

Travis Gray

Vice President of Sales, North America

Jeffrey L. Wilson, Esq.

General Counsel and Director Business Development

Natasa Karambatsos

Director of Corporate Strategy and Associate General Counsel

Natasa Karambatsos is the Director of Corporate Strategy, advising executive leadership in connection with opportunity identification and risk management in North American and European markets. Ms. Karambatsos joined CMT Group following a six (6) year tenure as a corporate attorney specializing in private equity and cross-border merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions. Joining the group in 2013 as AGC, Ms. Karambatsos has managed and supported intellectual property and legal affairs in conjunction with legal and executive management teams of CMT Group, including in connection with the structure and implementation of joint ventures, intellectual property arrangements and tax reorganization matters. Separately, she has occupied key roles in connection with project management initiatives of CMT Group, working closely with cross-functional teams to support development efforts from concept to launch and drive product adoption within a framework informed by strategic, legal and revenue objectives. Ms. Karambatsos speaks four (4) languages and is bar certified in the U.S. and Canada. She has co-authored publications in connection with her area of practice, including the publication Directors’ Liability and Indemnification: A Global Guide (2nd Edition, U.K.).

Jed Applebaum

Vice President, Customer Services

In 2006 Jed Appelbaum joined CMT as Vice President in charge of Operations. Jed is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Long Island City installation facility as well as technology materials and fleet operations. Jed is widely known and respected in the taxi industry. In 1977 Joined the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) and has acted as a former Assistant Commissioner of Safety and Emissions to the TLC where he was responsible for the operations at the TLC’s main inspection facility in Woodside, Queens. Jed supervised a staff of 60 people and managed the inspection process of over 60,000 taxicabs annually, as well as the inspection of all licensed meter shops.


In 2003, Jed supervised the $10M renovation of the inspection facility, resulting in one of the newest and most advanced automobile inspection facilities in the world. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Operations for the Northeast Region at Clear Channel Taxi Media.

Michael Sahm

Vice President, Vehicle Management

Mike Sahm joined the CMT team in 2006 as Vice President, Sales and Customer Relations. Mike is responsible for in-vehicle solution deployment and managing on-going customer relations.


Mike spent 20 years in sales for the auto electronics industry before serving as Vice President of Operations for Medallion Financial Media, the national outdoor advertising firm that included advertising sales for New York City taxi tops. While at Medallion, Mike’s integrity and his personal, “knock-on-the-door” style earned him widespread respect industry-wide. As a result, he built a vast network of lasting relationships in the New York City taxi industry that hold firm today.

Mitch Dinowitz

Chief Technology Officer, Hardware

Mitch brings over 20 years of design, development and creative problem solving in his role building products for CMT. Prior to joining CMT, Mitch was the CTO of Osmio through its acquisition by Seamless Web / Aramark in 2008. Mitch is a co-founder of LiquidityBook, LLC a Wall St. based financial technology firm, and along with Jay, co-founder of World Line Communications Corp. Mitch has held a variety of engineering, consulting and management positions at Nortel, Bell Atlantic Network Integration / JP Morgan, MBNA and CosmoCom.


Mitch holds a B.S. from Cornell University and an M.S. from Boston University.

Jay Backof

Chief Technology Officer, Software

Jay Backof has served as a Technology Director for CMT since 2005. Jay has been working in the computer and telecommunications field for almost twenty years. During this time, he has held a number of leadership positions working as a software architect/designer, an information systems manager, a consultant, and as a network/system engineer. He brings his depth of experience, technical skills and management capabilities to his current position where he is responsible for CMT’s product architecture, implementation, and technology operations.


For fifteen years prior to CMT, Jay co-owned World Line Communications Corp., a successful technology solutions provider specializing in turnkey technology solutions for clients ranging from startups to fortune 500 institutions including JPMorgan Chase, MBNA, GlaxoSmithKline, Dominion Enterprises, and AstraZeneca.  Jay holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Delaware.

Jesse Davis

Director, Special Projects

Jesse H. Davis, a 25-year veteran of the financial and technology sectors, joined CMT in 2005 as its President and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to coming to CMT, Jesse led the successful integration of IT systems at Metlife, the country’s largest insurance company, through three separate acquisitions including that of Traveler’s Life. Previously, Jesse was a Senior Vice President at the Bessemer Group in Woodbridge, New Jersey, one of the country’s premier wealth management firms for high net worth individuals, where he perfected a balance of technological skill and business management. Jesse holds a BA in Mathematics from Columbia University and an MBA from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University.

Tom Haymond

Executive Vice President, CMT Media Sales

Tom Haymond, Executive Vice-President of CMT Media Sales, pioneered the in-taxi video system in New York City. Most of his 35 years in media were in radio, from on-air to sales, from sales management to Market VP, in Houston, West Palm Beach, Florida’s Space Coast and North Carolina. In 2001 he joined Clear Channel Taxi Media to develop their Southeast US markets, then came to New York and was involved in the early stages of in-taxi video systems. Tom has also been Managing Editor for a national radio trade magazine, member of several national radio boards and industry panels. He openly admits that no media has been as fun, rewarding nor successful for clients as the CMT in-taxi video system.